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I started the to take advantage of the internet’s enormous potential to reach other people, through music and lyrics about real things– to spark a connection with people who are not being offered a creative and more mature foundation of music and art.

Matthew Hirte

I say, “real things” in contrary to what the music industry now is, as well as just about all forms of industry that are only about demographics and shrewd marketing tactics. Music has been turned into a cheap product. It is now controlled by people who think that it’s fashionable and seasonable. Ether the musicians have been weeded out or people have given up on learning from the experience of being one.
Most of what we see and hear is quite adolescent and phony. The industry has been overrun and sacked by minds comparable to bankers, hedge fund managers, lawers and– vampires. Record company executives are people who see our culture like a piece of meat. They don't understand music or what makes a musician.

They are the kind of people who choose for their own opinion what greatness is, after the fact– choosing the Beatles as their favorite band because they were a huge success, not because their music meant anything to them. Saying that there will never be another Beatles is the same thing as saying there will never be another Eric Clapton, Michael Jordan or Einstein.

It shows that our culture has sunk to a level of mediocrity for the sake of control. Much more, the pinnacle of the human race has arisen to greed, self indulgence and irresponsibility– which to my amazement seems to be OK with a lot of people. We are a society who lunges for sappy boy/spice girl clone bands and musicians who couldn't play to a class of 5th graders. I’m sure there were loads of people that said there will never be another Bach. “No musician will EVER reach that kind of status”, and along came Mozart.

There were many like Beethoven, Johann Strauss and Tchaikovsky, etc… and from Duke Ellington to Quincy Jones. They are all pioneers of an ongoing evolution of music in which they shone more than others. Mozart was the first to really go beyond his peers and that’s why he takes the spotlight. His music was rudimentary in a new realm of music and its evolution– just like the Beatles. There will be more to come. Just because "mainstream" can't produce rock music doesn't make it dead.





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